Christmas statement necklaces… get your ice skates on

Here are my top 5 statement necklaces in London for Christmas party time!! If you looking for individual, unique fashion forward jewellery you are in for a treat! These 5 best statement necklaces will have other party guests drooling and turn bright green with envy! Now get your ice skates on as Christmas is upon us…

Zelia Horsley Jewellery London - designer collars - Radiate Collar
Radiate Collar

Radiate Collar is a high fashion statement piece, be prepared to WOW the entire room! Choose from a wide range of coloured acrylics and finishes – and let the jewellery do the talking!

Zelia Horsley Jewellery London - Costume Necklaces - Needles & Threads Necklace.
Needles & Threads Necklace.

Needles & Threads remains a bestseller, its just gorgeous! With metres of opulent vintage chain finished in sterling silver or 18 carat gold this piece is something you will hand down to your grandchildren. Its indulgent, highly wearable, and the best bit is that it’s so versatile! This will make you LBD come alive!

Zelia Horsley Jewellery London - Illuminate Collar - One of most stylish collars in the UK!
Illuminate Collar

Illuminate collar is sleek, elegant and fabulous! It highlights beautiful collar bones, and looks sensational with a strapless dress! Choosing a lustre glitter finish like this electric blue version, elevates the collar shape to high fashion status, you will not disappointed. As when you’re not dancing the night away, this looks as amazing worn with a t shirt & jeans!

Zelia Horsley Jewellery London -1 squared Necklace - one of the most elegant statement necklaces in the UK
1 squared Necklace 

This elegantly understated statement necklace will elevate any of your Christmas  party outfits in one fell swoop! Available in many different colours – but in my humble opinion you can’t go wrong with black & gold!

Zelia Horsley Jewellery London - fashion collars -Crystal Fur Colllar
Crystal Fur Collar

Crystal fur collar was inspired by actual fur collars… this piece captures the glamour, sophistication and elegance of a bygone era whilst being undoubtably cutting edge and unique! The sparkles this beautiful collar creates in mesmerising, any festive party outfit can only benefit from this statement collar!

Be individual and stand out from the Christmas crowd in style.


Lots of love

Zelia. X

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