How to wear statement jewellery…

I often think some people are a little bit intimidated by statement jewellery?

London, is a city that gets it – its dead simple, just pop it on! What they don’t realise, its literally the easiest & fastest way to make any outfit go from boring to amazing.  The thing about statement jewellery is that it actually makes you feel incredibly confident and empowered. It makes any old outfit look 10 times better – Wearing jeans, t-shirt and your favourite knitwear, hair tied up in a messy bun, with an incredible statement necklace, pair of earrings, bracelet or cuff will make you look chic, exude effortless glamour, your outfit will give off a “I just threw this together, and I know I look great”. WITHOUT. TRYING.

I think you’ll agree, not trying is so much better than trying?! Indulge in an item of statement costume jewellery, and you will always be able to carry your work outfit to evening meal with friends, your shopping outfit to cocktails with your loved one, and your weekend cafe meet up to party time in one easy action!(ha!) I have put together some incredible designers outfits with my statement jewellery to show how easily it can be done, and how gorgeous and effective the results can be.

SS14 Vivienne Westwood & Zelia Horsley Jewellery London Fashion Collar necklace RADIATE COLLAR.
SS14 Vivienne Westwood & RADIATE COLLAR.

I love the simplicity of the this SS14 dress, I love Vivienne Westwood (THOSE BOOTS!) But here is a shining example of how to transform this outfit! With the addition of my fashion collar will make this dress feel and behave completely differently.

SS14 Valentin Yudashkin & Zelia Horsley Jewellery London - Neon Blue Crystal Collar Necklace & Neonangle Earrings.
SS14 Valentin Yudashkin plus my Neon Blue Crystal Collar Necklace & Neonangle Earrings.

This spring summer 2013 Valentin Yudashkin sapphire suit is stunning, but if you wanted to go full on electric blue, to make a statement, build up the colour in you statement jewellery & accessories keeping your hair simple, if not slightly disheveled and make up minimal. Or remove the jacket replace with over-sized knitwear roll up the sleeves and add 2 statement cuffs or bracelets for an impact. Or wear skinny jeans with the fabulous sparkling jacket and a pair of statement earrings like these Neonangle Earrings.

SS14 Jean-Charles De Castelbajac & Zelia Horsley Jewellery London costume Jewellery Uk, CURVERD RAY COLLAR NECKLACE, THREADGOLD BRACELET.
SS14 Jean-Charles De Castelbajac & Zelia Horsley Curved Ray Collar & Gold Lustre On A Roll Cuff.

A statement piece of jewellery is what you want to make of it – keeping your jewellery tones or colours the same as your outfit creates an over all statement that exhibits your fashion flair!

SS14 John Galliano & Zelia Horlsey Jewellery London. The Tempest Necklace & Pearl Pink On A Roll Cuff.
SS14 John Galliano & The Tempest Necklace & Pearl Pink On A Roll Cuff.

Just because the word “statement” is being used heavily here – does not mean you have to wear something neon yellow with turquoise highlights that’s MASSIVE to be in the club (I am totally not against this!) To me it means wearing a piece of costume jewellery that is as important as your clothes. For example, I think jewellery is so often seen as something to chuck on as your leaving your house… a pretty highlight. Where as statement jewellery is as important as your dress, top, shoes etc.

When you view jewellery like an item of clothing your in for a right treat, your entire outlook to dressing changes. This shift in perspective really isn’t difficult, and your jewellery can still be a pretty highlight, but instead of a highlight its just pretty and THERE. Choosing pale colours or tones to match your clothes will still make a statement but I suppose will fall into the understated statement jewellery category. Which I love, as I have shown here using pale pearl pinks and gunmetal grays – with a little help from SS/2013 John Galliano!

SS14 Givenchy & Zelia Horsley Jewellery London. Snaked Crystal Collar Necklace & Threadgold Bracelet.
SS14 Givenchy & my Snaked Crystal Collar Necklace & Threadgold Bracelet.

This Givenchy dress is so stunning, one of my favourite looks form ss14 – I have paired this dress with Snaked Crystal Collar Necklace & Threadgold bracelet. Wearing these two items in gold, will soften the statement look and add warmth, whilst echoing the opulent sparkle of the beautiful gown.

SS14 Maison Rabih Kayrouz & Zelia Horsley Jewellery London - Towering Earrings
SS14 Maison Rabih Kayrouz & Zelia Horsley Jewellery London – Towering Earrings

This mirrors what I have previously said, about creating an understated statement, by reflecting the colours and tones used in your outfit,  in a bold way will amplify the effect. I would love to see the statement earring Towering being worn with SS14 Maison Rabih Kayrouz metallic look.

Statement jewellery can be worn by anyone, and any age, it’s finding the look that suits you, and you feel comfortable with. But please do give it a try, as I promise you its far more confidence boosting, and empowering than scary. I make all my jewellery with the intention of making women feel alluring and powerful, and its a privilege.

Lots of love



PS. brrrrrrrr it’s nippy!

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