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Christmas statement necklaces… get your ice skates on

Here are my top 5 statement necklaces in London for Christmas party time!! If you looking for individual, unique fashion forward jewellery you are in for a treat! These 5 best statement necklaces will have other party guests drooling and turn bright green with envy! Now get your ice skates on as Christmas is upon us… […]

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Aesthetics vs Design Concepts in jewellery

During my time at university we were strongly advised to to question and challenge design concepts in jewellery  – and jewellery in general. I have always created my collections with concepts in mind, they drive me – but the Ethereal collection was different, as I am sure you can see. SS13 was about the Sirens of the […]

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Understanding the design process… whatever that means.

So the weather’s heating up and so are my obsessive temperature checks! arghh summer at last. It’s gone up 3 flipping degrees in our bedroom… I know! Its amazing how different my job is as to what I thought it would be… such glamorous notions of swanning around exhibitions – museums traveling to different countries […]

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