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Word to your mother – individual jewellery and my wonderful mum…

The first thing my mum does when she walks into my studio, is pile on as many pieces of my individual jewellery as is humanly possible. To be honest its almost impossible not too its eternally splayed out on my workbench or showroom. She always looks AMAZING. Like you often hear, when it comes to […]

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Fancy men…

Having 3 brothers, Joe, Sam & Harry (Dirty Harry Bracelet) and a my best friend Chris, (Chris Urbanowizc Bracelet) and not being a girl that was ever (will ever) be interested in prissy bits and bobs on the end of a tincy wincy chain – I naturally began making Men’s jewellery… This continued until the realisation hit […]

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Christmas statement necklaces… get your ice skates on

Here are my top 5 statement necklaces in London for Christmas party time!! If you looking for individual, unique fashion forward jewellery you are in for a treat! These 5 best statement necklaces will have other party guests drooling and turn bright green with envy! Now get your ice skates on as Christmas is upon us… […]

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