Hi everyone, its been several weeks since my last confession ….I mean blog entry. This last fashion season has been incredible! So many beautiful outfits, luxurious necklaces, statement bracelets and stylish earrings to lust after… I felt I just had to blog about AW14’s En Vogue jewellery trends and exceptionally stylish fashion!

The fashion dust is beginning to settle in London for some, but I’m currently at fashion full throttle! My AW14 collection is taking its sweet time, I am enjoying exploring new techniques, along with quite a different concept and particular inspirations. This is moving my style in a new direction which is refreshing, invigorating and a bit scary!


Here are 5 of my favourite En Vogue fashion trends from AW14, with a selection of my (ZELIA HORSLEY JEWELLERY LONDON) designs from past collections, proving you can hold onto previous seasons individual jewellery and make them relevant  – indefinitely.  As I’m pretty sure I’ve banged on about this before… (if not new idea for another blog) jewellery can be designed with a season in mind but as we all know its not illegal to wear white and pastels in winter… or black in summer. Especially in the context of jewellery. For me as a designer – it influences my materials and colour palette – but I would absolutely wear a spring/summer necklace in Autumn/winter month! exhale………….. you get my drift I sure, well enough! see for yourself. xxx

AW14 FASHION TRENDS Ostwald Helgason, Crystal Fur Collar Necklace & Double Chained Earrings


AW14 Zac Posen Black gown with Zelia Horsley Jewellery London's Needles & Treads necklace in gold and Shards Earrings


AW14 Josie Natori fashion & Zelia Horsley Jewellery London's Glow Cut Collar & Scarlett Lustre On A Roll Bracelet


AW14 Valentino & Zelia Horsley Jewellery London's Jigsaw Necklace and Re-Constructed Diamond Earrings.


AW14 Rochas & Zelia Horsley Jewellery London's The Femme Fatale Necklace & Golden Lustre On A Roll Reversal Bracelet.


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