Word to your mother – individual jewellery and my wonderful mum…

The first thing my mum does when she walks into my studio, is pile on as many pieces of my individual jewellery as is humanly possible. To be honest its almost impossible not too its eternally splayed out on my workbench or showroom. She always looks AMAZING. Like you often hear, when it comes to style and fashion, some people just carry it off and my mum is one of them.

It doesn’t matter how many luxurious necklaces or acrylic cuffs she has on, she just looks better the more she puts on! Luckily growing up around this, I have never been afraid of wearing more rather than the less…. (my friends can vouch for this).

I remember watching films, and hearing stories from friends about their mums or dads telling them to remove “that muck of their faces” before going out.. In my house it was far more common for my dad to suggest I put MORE red lipstick on and MORE jewellery… My parents being creative, design driven fashion designers actively encouraged this.

My Mum wearing Crystal Pelt Necklace By Zelia Horsley Jewellery London.
My Mum wearing Crystal Pelt Necklace

My Mum is a massive inspiration to me, and I do not have to look further than her to know if one of my unusual jewellery designs works, or if it doesn’t. I know many of you value the opinions of your mums, especially on important issues in my case – lipstick application!

I hope you find the perfect present for your mum, If jewellery is something you think she’ll like then pop into the shop for a look. I am also here for any advice or questions. Pretty much all my designs can be customised for your mum (or yourself wink wink!) Happy shopping! Love Zelia, xxx

Golden Jude By Zelia Horsley Jewellery London
This necklace Golden Jude was inspired by, and named after my Mum Jude. x
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  1. Very well written, very nice jewellery!

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